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    Quote Originally Posted by Geeser View Post
    Hello people, I'm not new to the G751 forum, but was only observing and searching (what interested me) rather than posting in forum, but I want to share my luck with ASUS Backtracker.
    I run on G751JT i7 4710HQ Processor 16GB RAM 1TB HDD 7200 RPM, BIOS 205. Immediately after purchase I cloned my original HDD to Crucial CT256MX100SSD1 256GB SSD (which I had from previous laptop) with Acronis True Image 2014 software using USB 3.0 to 2.5 inch SATA III Hard drive cable adapter because I didn't had 16GB USB to try my luck with the Backtracker. Afterwards, installed SSD in the main bay and the original HDD in 2nd and was using until yesterday when i decided to try recover Windows to factory defaults on SSD using recovery partition. Uninstalled HDD and put it aside, hit F9 during boot up and got an error that recovery partition can not be accessed or something (maybe due to cloning issues from 1TB to 256GB) and wasn't able to boot up Windows anymore. It was time to try ASUS Backtracker. This time I had Kingston DataTraveler G4 16GB USB. Swapped back original HDD in 1st bay and put SSD aside.

    1. Downloaded ASUS Backtracker 309 and installed on original HDD;
    2. Followed on screen instructions and inserted USB when prompted;
    3. Within an hour creation of recovery media was completed;
    4. Turned off the machine and installed SSD in the main bay. This time HDD was put aside on my table;
    5. Installed the USB and booted up in UEFI;
    6. Swapped boot priority to USB - 1st and SSD - 2nd (with broken Windows);
    7. Save and exit;
    8. The recovery process initialized. Followed couple more on screen instructions and recovery process started;
    9. After 20-30 mins recovery process successfully finished. Was prompted to uninstall the USB and press "Reboot";
    10. System rebooted and Windows recovered to factory defaults when I first got it. But this time it was on SSD.

    I hope it helps for those who are struggling with recovery to SSD.
    ASUS is to blame for these issues, either the software or the image is at fault. A lot of us can't even recover to the factory mechanical drive. I've personally drive 20+ USB drives formatted in every combination with no success.

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