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    G751 Imbalanced Sound Problem OFFICIAL SUPPORT THREAD (thread closed)

    I've created this thread to condense the information we've gathered on this issue over the course of the old thread, which can be found here.

    Current Fix Status:
    Fix Here:!

    Current Probable Issue Diagnosis:
    Regular Signal instead of LFE (Low Frequency Effects) Signal to Subwoofer

    Description (In different states):
    Installed Drivers (Main Issue):

    All speakers "working", but WITH massive imbalance issue.Sub greatly overshadows L/R Speakers & also distorts at volumes above 35%. Can hear sound very faintly coming from L/R speakers with ear pressed up against them.

    Uninstalled Drivers (Temporary Fix):

    Subwoofer (Only) is default playback device, with L/R Speakers being listed as a separate playback device. Left and Right Speakers working at full volume when selected as default playback device, with no sound
    coming from subwoofer. Subwoofer can play audio when selected as default device, but distorts at volume levels above 35%, and does not work in conjunction with rear speakers in this configuration. (Either/Or Situation)

    Reinstalled Drivers (Main Issue, Again):

    Same effect as "Installed Drivers" every time. (All speakers "working", but WITH the imbalance issue. Sub greatly outpowers L/R Speakers & also distorts at volumes above 35%. Can hear sound very faintly coming from L/R speakers with ear pressed up against them.)

    **NEW** Subwoofer Disabled (New Finding/Confirmation):

    L/R Speakers can be heard perfectly fine when Subwoofer is disabled using the "Vbcmd_mute_int_woofer" Mute.exe file provided by MarshallR@ASUS on the ROG Forums. Cannot comment on volume level, but volume seems to scale fine without the subwoofer to overshadow it. This confirms the situation is a software issue, and all speakers are physically fine.
    This issue is known to arise both brand new "out of box" units as well as on units where the OS has been cloned or reinstalled on a new drive and the ASUS Support Site drivers have been used. All G751 Models can have this issue.

    Temporary Fixes:
    As mentioned in the description, the speakers still work fine, proving that the issue is Software, not Hardware-related.

    To get your Left & Right back speakers working correctly, follow the temporary fix guides below.

    1. Download and extract this RAR file.
    2. Make sure you have the ASUS G751 Realtek Drivers installed. You can find them here.
    3. Unzip Vbcmd_mute_int_woofer tool, and run Mute.exe.
    4. If it returns a "Success!" message, your subwoofer should now be disabled.
    5. If you ever need to enable your subwoofer again (when a fix is issued), simply unzip Vbcmd_unmute_int_woofer and run Unmute.exe.
    6. Viola.

    Enjoy your tinny-back speakers with no sub until we get a fix from ASUS. Until then, keep checking in here for updates, and let us know if you find anything!

    Edit by cl-Albert 2/5/15: Very late thanks for looking into this and apologies for the delay, BRSxIgnition.
    The new *.7432 G751 audio driver has finally been released, so this thread has been closed (to avoid 2 competing threads) and a new thread started.
    If anybody is interested, please post your testing results or comments about this new audio driver at the post below. Thanks!

    G751 Imbalanced Sound Problem FIX IS OUT!!
    Last edited by cl-Albert; 02-05-2015 at 07:43 PM. Reason: new *.7432 audio driver release update posted

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