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    New member and have some questions about buying laptop

    Hello ASUS RoG Community Members,

    I'm new member on this forum and i would like to ask some questions and advice/guide from experts, gurus on buying new laptop. My experience with computers, especially with laptops are at newbie level so please understand and help me.

    I move around a lot and i want to buy laptop that can compete with desktop performance that is fast, good performance (fast boot, load, DOES NOT HEAT MUCH) and also good for gaming (World of Warcraft, DOTA 2, Starcraft II etc.. games which are not TOO graphic demanding), multitasking (does not freeze or stop responding), storing files, doing work (I work with documents a lot, running some other simple softwares).

    I like to design of ASUS RoG G751 and G750 series (black) and my budget is between 1300 - 1600$. Also i don't live in the US, i live in Mongolia but i can get someone to bring it from USA. Where is best/guaranteed place (could be shop or via online) with reasonable price?

    If you need more details please ask and i will provide to get the best suitable laptop for me.

    Thanks in advance,

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