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Thread: Q-Code 00

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    Finally, making more conductive, thicker and more robust socket pins won't only improve system stability and over-clock achievements but will also create much less failing boards with issues and much less RMAs to Asus. This will improve Asus's reputation even if its already top-notch. It will benefit both parties again.

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    Poddington....OK I kind of read your post as switch out to another same your case the new CPU is probably fine. There are some very specific hoops to jump through to get DC running on those boards and some failures....

    I wouldnt go to the bother of testing CPU in your case....maybe order preprogramed bios chip is an option?

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    usually do a power drain, totally unplug the power cable from the wall, hold down the power button to drain all power from the motherboard, it happens from time to time then eventually my PSU died. LoL

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    I know this is an old thread but I like to add in case others with the same error on a Maximus X Hero with an i7 8700k get error code 00.

    A few days ago I left my PC on running Ubuntu 18.04 all night. When I went back to it in the morning I had a non responsive desktop with just a pink screen, as if it was stuck trying to go into sleep mode. After a hard shut down by pressing the power button for 4 seconds, I had a QCode 00 and CPU light lit on the mobo. It would not boot. After testing with different ram and a graphics card from my other Maximus VIII Ranger, with no cure, I was left with just the CPU to test.

    I changed the CPU for a brand new i7 8086k and the problem was fixed. So I have a dead i7 8700k that is still under warranty, which caused the Qcode 00.

    I'm planning on getting a change over for a new i7 8700k and upgrading my other desktop with it with a new z370 mobo, probably a Maximus X Formula, because I can use all the other hardware that is on the Maximus VIII Ranger. This is for my Daughter who enjoys playing games.

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    Hi all, same issue:

    Q-code: 00 and CPU led is lit red. Monitor remains black - no input signal. The rest of the LED in the machine is lit like they are supposed to when powered.

    My specs:
    Asus gaming x99 motherboard
    core i7 6850k broadwell-E
    kraken x62 cooler
    32gb dominator platinum 2666fsb
    512gb samsung 960 pro m.2 ssd
    asus strix gtx 1080ti
    PSU Corsair HX1000i

    System has functioned correctly for almost 2 years. Then suddenly code 00 and red cpu led.

    I have tried:
    - Flashing bios (several times)
    - removing cmos battery for 1 hour then re-insert
    - removing mobo from case, place on non-conductive surface - only connect essential stuff.
    - completely de-power system and re-run as some ppl have had luck with in this thread.
    - swapped PSU with another that i know is working since i took it from a computer with no issues.

    I am not a newbie with hardware. I know my mobo or CPU is dead but i need to know which because RMA of non-faulty hardware will cost me 70 euro from this ****ty dealer.

    I would appreciate your oppinions.
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    I just had this issue a couple of days ago. 00 is a dead CPU. I too replaced everything, even rma'd the motherboard. I found out that my 6850k died.

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    Yep noticed vccio cpu 1.05 voltage is jacked up to 1.25v way too high even for broadwell-e just by increasing ram frequency past 2133 forget about xmp's adjustments !!!
    Even haswell-e limit is 1.15v and best to stay lower than that.

    Auto voltage on cache can also contribute to a doa cpu and probably board
    asus really hosed x99 bios past 2101 !

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    Q code 00 crossblade ranger

    Having same problem Q code 00, my computer used to work just fine and suddenly no image on my screen. I tested my CPU, RAM and HDD on another motherboard and they do work... so i guess it is my mobo that stopped working but she turns on and looks like "it is okay" but it doesn't... i'm so sad... I think i won't buy any other Asus' motherboard.

    A10 7850K
    Crossblade Ranger
    Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3

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