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    patrickmollohan PC Specs
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    Disable Secure Boot

    I was wondering how I disable Secure Boot in the BIOS? I know there is a section under the Boot tab for it to switch between "Windows" and "Other OS", but after selecting "Other OS" and saving, it still says that Secure Boot is enabled.
    Thank you much for your time!

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    you can leave it at "Windows" setting.
    Secure boot is only completely active, when you disable CSM under the CSM tab.
    The CSM (Compatibility Support Module) let you decide, if you want to enable full secure boot with only UEFI startup environment (CSM disabled), or also startup with legacy components. CSM enabled is the standard. So you dont have to change any settings.
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    you must delete the key in the menu near to security.
    I had to do it to be able to boot in uefi mode on my usb memory stick for memtest.

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    D.S.O. PC Specs
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    I think that the simplest would be to disable Security Device Support in Advanced\Trusted Computing.

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    Tuf z390 Gaming wifi

    From Asus as to how to disable secure boot
    Getting secure boot in the BIOS disabled so you can use the Linux Distro.
    BIOS -> Boot -> CSM (Compatibility Support Module) -> Launch CSM -> Enabled
    1. Boot mode -> UEFI and Legacy
    2. Boot from Network -> Legacy (old drives); or UEFI mode (for NVME/SSD drives)
    3. Boot from Storage -> Legacy (old drives); or UEFI mode (for NVME/SSD drives)
    4. Boot from PCIE/PCI -> Legacy (old drives); or UEFI mode (for NVME/SSD drives)
    5. Go back to Boot -> Secure Boot -> OS Type -> Windows UEFI Mode (Windows 10/8.1/8) and Other OS (for Windows 7)

    >>Settings Asus engineering (after CEO) said to use to disable secure boot on my z390 board; it did not work.
    Please help

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    MrAgapiGC PC Specs
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    I am using Secure boot. no problem for the moment. What i did for my nvme was (960evo) disable CSM, WINDOWS UEFI, secure boot is active, BUT! in my board (codexi AMI nvme support is DISABLE). since the Samsung use his own driver. Depending on the os, like some LINUX CSM need to be change to legacy. I will continue testing. since there other changes how the of works and how peripherals drivers works. even with info around there are some dark areas on that subject. I have ask a lot.
    Learn, Play Enjoy!

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    I keep Secure Boot On.

    When is best to install Secure Boot Keys, before Windows 10 Installation. First Install Secure Boot Keys and then Install Windows.
    Or immediately after you install Windows?

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    disable secure boot

    I started this thread so I thought it appropriate that I give what I think is the answer because I did lean on quite a few people and the thread was quite extensive. In order to disable boot on z 390 ASUS motherboard on my TUF Gaming Plus Wi-Fi set one has to go to firmware> Advanced. From advanced to secure boot and change secure boot mode from UEFI to other, exit and save changes. This disables secure boot. To enable it, the reverse is done. It can be verified through either system information or Security >Device. I hope this helps someone who follows me with this issue who wishes to use some Linux distros.

    Unfortunately, ASUS, and the builder did not provide the correct fix nor did any forums I tried including the ASUS forum.

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