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    Quote Originally Posted by gabbo View Post
    no, after owning 7+ of these and all of them had problems with dead pixels, scratches so no go from me.
    Man thats super bad luck, my September built and purchased in December appears to be perfect so far must be the luck of the draw?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdzcpa View Post
    I can tell you with certainty that you are about to get a some replies that say "don't buy" this monitor. These posts will be emphatic, and come replete with horror stories of multiple replacements that failed and horrible RMA experiences. The posts will be made by the folks that have obviously had problems with their monitor and have come her to ROG forums to voice their grievances (rightfully so). There does seem top be a higher number of complaints than I would have expected.

    That said, based on my own personal experiences, and how I see the internet reports, I'd say go for it. Personally, I have 2 of these monitors that function great. No dead pixels, no back bleed. They look and game awesomely. Some folks are *****ing about "pixel inversion" which I either do not have or cannot see. I took the test in another thread here and posted my results that I get no flicker at all using the test page. I also consider that Asus has sold every monitor they can make. It's the hottest selling monitor ever. Given that folks with problems post while those without issues do not, I'm not really blown away by the issues I'm seeing. On Amazon and Newegg it seems for every post about serious issue, there is 2 or 3 that say the monitor is great. Again, with most folks without problems even posting a review.

    So, although I see more incidents than I'd like, and feel bad for the folks that have issues, I think the monitor is still a great buy. The bleeding edge feature set is likely what is causing the higher incident rates of problems, and all monitors themselves are simply subject to a lot of subjective opinion. For me, given the level of complaints I've seen from a monitor that has been sold out since August, and the fact I have 2 of these running at the house which my wife and I enjoy immensely without an issue, I recommend you go for it. Yes, there may be a higher chance of an issue, but the odds are you will be just fine. These monitors are sweet.

    Ok. My flame suit is on. I was lambasted by a group of unhappy users from the "trouble" thread for posting a similar recommendation here. Being happy with your monitor is not popular on these forums where most troubled users come to.

    It's the fact that you are being paid by ASUS to big up their poor quality monitor that annoys people.

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