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    MATRIX-R9290X-P-4GD5 stays in safe mode/ green ROG display


    Ok so I got this card the MATRIX-R9290X-P-4GD5 and for the life of me I cant seem to get any video signal from it, If I connect a monitor to it (dvi or hdmi) the screen just stays black, the monitor gets no signal stays in stand by. Just built this new system and am pulling my hair out at this...

    System is:

    Hero VII
    8 gig corsair 1833
    Seasonic 660xp2 platinum
    Fresh install of win7 ultimate x64

    From within the bios the gfx is not detected when i go to vga Info
    From windows the card is not detected or anything under device manager
    Card is connected with 2x 8 pin power(6+2pins)
    Card is in std mode bios
    Only other psu I have is a 550 corsair and it doesn't change anything
    Removed and reseated card
    doubled checked the power cables, fans spin up and logo stays green
    Tried top dvi port, hdmi port, dvi to DP adapter, display stays blank

    Things I have not tried yet but will soon:

    try another video card
    flash mobo to latest bios
    try card in second x16 slot

    I do not have the ram defroster connected as I wont be doing ln2, should this be connected anyways?
    Any other recomendations?

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    Resolved, flashed the mobo and boom the card was detected

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