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    Getting a new laptop, Need some advice

    I'm considering buying either a G771/GL771, G751 or G551/GL551 but I'm currently having difficulty of choosing which one I should go for..

    I know some of the differences between the 3 models, but it's still hard to choose

    I also don't mind the storage, since I hardly use the optimal drive, so i can get a caddy and install an HDD/SSD over it

    So I think I can use some advice on which to choose

    the things that I'm considering are:

    1. G751 comes with GTX970/980m while G771 and G551 come with GTX860m

    2. Cooling (gpu & cpu) & fan noises

    3. removable battery vs. non-removable battery

    4. 16GB of ram is more than enough for me, so I don't really need to worry whether I can upgrade to 32gb or not
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