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    Some positive threads about this machine should appear more often, so here comes mine...

    Got my G74SX finally, TZ226V model, just popping these european models here to mess things up.

    Came with 2670QM cpu, the GTX560M with 3gb mem, 8gb ram, blu-ray read / dvd burn, 750gb hdd, and a power cord... Just joking. And bios version 202.

    I booted to the preinstalled win7 just to see that things worked fine, and then popped in this amazingly blazing fast kingston hyperx 120gb ssd drive.
    Did a clean win7 install and for starters just popped in some of the vital drivers from the disc it came with, and newest nvidia drivers from their pages.

    Now im still tweaking stuff here and there but I gotta say I'm in love.
    This beast cold starts to win7 in 10 seconds, wtf?!? Sick.
    Haven't tried any serious games but popped everything to max in WoW and I love what I see and hear, just pure awesomeness. Ultra settings on shadows is only thing that brings the fps down at all.

    Never ever have I dreamed that a "laptop" can bring a performance like this on the table. Just freaking awesome. BB ugly and heavy and cordhellish desktop settings forever.

    Btw. Haven't had any single issues with the machine yet, so far so good, nothing with the Kingston's sandforce-driven ssd neither. Everything works like a charm. Awesome ASUS, just awesome!
    *** G74SX-TZ226V (European model) | Kingston HyperX SSD 120gb Sata-III
    "STOCK" BIOS 202 (If it's not broken, why fix it.) *** <- Sold

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