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    Flickering Horizontal Lines on Screen

    Hey, I originally posted this on "Tom's Hardware", but got no responses. I thought I'd try here since I am using a RIVE MoBo, and the screen is an ASUS as well.~

    So I built this computer about a year ago, and everything's been running fine until a few months ago.
    Here's a link to my PC parts:
    So the problem is SOMETIMES the screen has flickering white lines. It's an intermittent problem that comes and goes randomly by restarting the computer, turning the screen on and off, or just by the screen saver coming on and off. Sometimes the lines are faint, and sometimes you can't even read any text due to the lines.
    Sometimes when turning the screen off and on, it won't even come back on, with the screen reading "no signal". As if my computer was off.

    I have 2 computer screens and 1 TV connected to my GTX 780ti.

    My main screen is an Asus PA248Q 24.1", which is connected via DisplayPort, and is the only screen with this issue.
    My 2nd screen is an old Acer AL1913 19" 1280 x 1024 monitor I bought over a decade ago, connected via VGA with a DVI adapter to the video card. (This screen has no issues)
    3rd screen is a 40" TV (Sharp Aquos LC-40E67UN) which I bought like 5 years ago, connected to my 780ti via HDMI, which also has no issues. Although I recently disconnected this from my computer to help resolve the issue, with no avail.

    Last week, before I was about to post on here, I decided to run "SlimDrivers" to see if maybe it was a driver problem. Turns out SlimDrivers updated a bunch of drivers for me, and the problem went away for a week. Now the lines keep coming back, drivers are all up to date according to SlimDrivers. I'm pretty sure the DisplayPort cord is firmly in. I just want to make sure that it's not a problem with my 780ti, as it's not even a year old, and fairly expensive.

    Is it possible that the DisplayPort cord is faulty? It's an Amphenol cord that came with my PA248Q monitor. I have no other cords to try, and no other screens with a DisplayPort input. When I take a Screen Shot of my screen with the lines, the Screen Shot looks fine when the lines are gone.
    Here are some pictures that I've taken of the screen:

    Thanks in advance!

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