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    Vga led flashing no post hellp!

    Just got my new crosshair board in today. This is the first board from Asus that has no problems and isnt DOA for once.. Plugged up everything outside the case to check and Im not getting any post to the monitor and my usb ports are not working. I had these problems with my last 2 motherboards (sabertooth & m97) with the usb and not posting. They didnt tell me the problem though. Im just trying to get this new board in and running without any problems. Im trying to replace an old board listed above on the already installed OS on my SSD and HDD. Any help is AMAAAAAZZZINGGG

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    Greetings and welcome to the ASUS ROG Forum,

    The VGA LED flashing indicates as you already may of guessed is a possible problem with the graphics card. Here are a few things to check:
    1) are all of the power connectors on the graphics card populated?
    2) while not required for single graphic card use it may be worth while to run power to the EZPLUG "Molex" connector located near the top PCIe Slot
    3) try plugging the graphics card into another PCIe slot
    4) did you connect video cable from the monitor to another video connector on the graphics card

    It is very helpful if you would post the specs from your system too

    For trouble-shooting tips see my blog at:

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