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    Rampage IV Gene 5 beeps. What does it mean?

    This is my work/play computer. For work I run MS office, mail stuff, solidworks (3D), autocad (2D) and photoshop cs6.
    For game I only play Diablo 3 and BF4. All on max settings and runs really smooth. I pretty much leave the computer on 24/7.

    So last week I turn it off to check what I need to order for my annual watercooling cleaning. When I turn it on the motherboard beeps 5 times. Everything runs fine there is no error code or nothing. Overclocking is fine. I can do my work on week days and play game on weekend.

    So my question is the 5 beeps normal? Because I really don't remember what the 5 beeps mean. I have check and reseating the memory. And those are okay.
    Is my motherboard complaining and I might need a new one in the future? I hope it's not because this is my work computer. :s

    CPU - i7-4930K (overclock to 4.3GHz only 100% stable)
    Motherboard - Rampage IV Gene on BIOS 4901
    RAM - Corsair Dominator GT (16 GB) running at 2133MHz
    SSD - Intel 520 series 240GB (for Win 7 Ultimate)
    Hard drive - WD black 1TB for email and junk. Have a server (Windows 2008 R2) for all my files.
    Video cards - 2 x GTX680 4GB in SLI
    CPU and video cards are all watercooled (Idle temp - CPU (29c) video card (26c)

    Thank you guys for reading.
    Happy Holiday to all.
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    Laptop (Model)Dell XPS 13
    MotherboardAsus Rampage V Edition 10
    ProcessorIntel i7-6850k
    Memory (part number)G.SKILL F4-3600C17Q-32GTZR
    Graphics Card #1Titan X (Pascal)
    Graphics Card #2Titan X (Pascal)
    MonitorASUS ROG Swift PG279Q (x3)
    Storage #1Samsung 970 Pro 1TB NVMe
    Storage #2Samsung 860 Pro 1Tb (x4)
    CPU CoolerCustom Watercooled
    CaseCaseLabs SMA8
    Power SupplyCorsair AX1500i
    Keyboard Keyboard Paradise Custom
    Mouse Logitech G903
    Mouse Pad Logitech G840 XL
    Headset/Speakers ART SLA2 Linear Amp with JBL Control 5
    OS Win 10 Pro
    Network RouterPF Sense
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    Accessory #2 Logitech PowerPlay Game Pad
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    Hi. Seasonal greetings to you too!!

    Not sure how or will this help but there's a nice list of beep codes here...
    I'm thinking, perhaps something isn't sitting right? Have you checked the memory/gpu or processor (remove/re-seat)
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    Yeah I try re-sitting the video cards, memory and cpu. Still get the same thing. Going back to the memory one by one.
    Never had this happen before with it beeping and the computer working fine. So weird.....

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    unplug the speaker, boom done!

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