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    Does CH341A Series EEPROM BIOS Flash work with Rampage V Extreme (X99)?


    I have just placed an order for a CH341A Series EEPROM BIOS Flash 24 25 USB Programmer Writer in case I run into BIOS corrupted issues on this board as others have and also to perhaps try out some possible BIOS modding since AMI Aptio UEFI MMTool v5 is now download available which supports the AMI AptioV BIOS.

    I am wondering does the CH341A Series EEPROM BIOS Flash support and work with the X99 platform BIOS chip such as the one on the Rampage V Extreme (X99).

    I have read up here that the EZP2010 works with this board and I am hoping the CH341A Series EEPROM BIOS Flash will work too and I haven't made a mistake purchasing it, and should have bought a EZP2010 instead.

    Does anybody know or have tried this hardware Programmer on this board?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.
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