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    Season greetings,

    I received my G751JY-T7128H (Singapore Harvey Norman store model) on 2 days ago. Am loving every bit of the machine.

    Just a few issues that I noticed. Nothing too serious that would stop me loving this baby... but here goes

    1) The sound is tiny compared to the old G73JH that I used to own. Selecting the Off option in the ROG audio wizard helps alot.

    2) No PCIE SSD in the first drive !!! The ones here just have a normal Sata SSD and yes it comes with 1 Sata 3 and 1 Sata 2 port here as well. 128G SSD as the first drive and 1TB 7200 HDD in the 2nd drive.

    3) No Asus backtracker or any recovery CD option

    4) Blu ray drive keep popping open at random every few hours. Might have touched it accidentally a few times but it opens even when the system is unattended other times

    Things I love

    1) The graphics card !!! Been trying out the older games at max settings. CS:GO, Skyrim, Saint Row 4, COD MW3 ....
    This baby chews em and spits them out with little effort at all. Even newer games like Diablo 3 at max settings with 4 players
    ingame runs buttery smooth.

    2) Strangely, my screen already runs at 75 Hz default compared to some of the other posts here. Beautiful screen.

    3) I like the new touchpad... some old ROG notebook users might remember the crap touchpad we had to put up with in the past.

    4) Build quality seems solid at the moment. My old G73JH lasted me 3+ years without ever needing any warranty service. This ones seems to be built the same way hopefully.

    Anyways, these are just my thoughts on the notebook. Anyone else loving theirs? I hope to get some help with changing out the original 128 SSD where the Windows is installed. I tried using the Samsung clone software but get windows HAL error when I try to boot from it. I want to change out the 128 SSD to a 256 SSD. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

    Thanks & Merry Christmas

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