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    Question GL551JM-DH71 and general ROG questions

    Hey all, new to the ASUS and ROG community.
    I have a couple questions that I couldn't get answers from elsewhere, be it from my lack of research skills or just laziness.
    First of all, the ROG logo... what is it? I had a discussion with friends, we think it's either a bird with a cape, a quarter view of an angry person with a mask (or without a mask), or just plain RG. Either way I really like the logo, it's rather nice looking. Also do you pronounce ROG "rogue"? I started doing that right away and now I'm not sure I'm correct.

    Okay on to the serious questions, is this compatible with 1TB SSD? I thought it would have no problem but.....
    I lost my adapter. I'm not kidding. Someone is stupid enough to lose their adapter/powerbrick/charger within the first month. Where can I get a replacement? I've tried two replacements so far, one of them was just plain wrong (an ASUS adaptor for other laptops. but the same voltage so I thought it shouldn't have damaged it), and the other is this one.
    So basically I'm not sure if my problem is
    1. The non-asus adapter doesn't work (though the brick lights up)
    2. The usage of some adapter somewhere along the line fried my computer be it because of quality or negative positive I don't know enough about adapters.
    3. 1TB SSDs aren't compatible
    4. I installed the SSD incorrectly (I have now reinstalled the HDD and it still doesn't turn on or indicate it is charging)
    5. I broke something else

    • I've voided the warranty haven't I?
    • Is there any way to get or buy a specific adapter from ASUS? When I tried to contact them before the return date and before I broke the warranty (?), they offered only to replace the entire product, laptop and adapter together.
    • I've gotten compliments from strangers on this beauty that is, when I don't have my fingerprints smearing the entire thing...
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