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    G751 Fan Control and Overheating

    I'd like to consolidate some of the discussion of the G751 cooling issues here, specifically to gather evidence that the fan profile is to conservative. Hopefully, we can get Asus to release a new driver with a more aggressive fan profile or even some kind of fan controls.

    Following hmscott's suggestion here (, I tried Notebook Fan Control using the config for the ASUS Zenbook UX32LN.

    Making no changes to that config, only setting both fans to run at 100%, I got the fans running consistently at 3300 RPM as reported by AIDA64. Without NFC, the highest sustained fan speed I've seen is 3100 RPM.

    Stress Testing with FurMark and Prime95 Small FFT in 20C ambient, I got an avg CPU temp of 82C (peak 84) and avg GPU temp of 64C. Its a HUGE difference from the other FurMark/Prime95 tests I've done and seen on these forums with CPU temps around 90-93C.

    Screenshot here:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This test isn't conclusive. Since I haven't played around with the Notebook Fan Control config, I don't know if 3300 RPM really is the max fan speed. From what I can tell, NFC doesn't directly set the RPMs, instead I think it sets power "steps." Anyone with more experience with NFC what to chime in here?

    I would be careful with NFC. It is overriding the existing fan controls so the fans will behave differently. So don't be surprised when you're running the ASUS Zenbook UX32LN config and NFC doesn't turn the fan on until the CPU hits 50C. I didn't have any more dangerous issues like the fans suddenly stopping in the middle of a stress test but YMMV, so watch out.

    NFC may interfere with the battery/charging system though. After my stress test, Windows started reporting that the battery couldn't charge and then later that there was no battery. At no time were there any extreme temps that could have damaged any components. I think the way that NFC was controlling the fan just somehow interfered with the battery/charging system. I did a system restore, unplugged for 10 minutes and the battery/charging system seems to be working fine now.

    To me, these results strong suggest that the disappointing cooling we're seeing in the G751 is the result of a conservative fan profile and that this problem can be fixed with a software update. I put an inquiry in with Asus before Christmas but I haven't got a serious response. Does anyone with more experience dealing with Asus support want to suggest another avenue to pursue with Asus?

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