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    How to turn Numlock/LED off?

    I have a linux program that when it starts it displays its keybindings: to turn this display off requires all keylocks (caps, scroll, numlock) to be off first. On my G74SX the numlock LED is perpetually on: does anyone know the magic key combo to turn this off?

    My system is the G74SX-CST1 (Staples Canada variety with a English/French keyboard) running BIOS 203, 8 GB RAM, and i7 2630QM. I have a key in the upper-left part of the numpad that has a calculator symbol on it: this launches the Windows calculator in Win7, but does nothing in Linux. Is this the numlock key?

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    In BIOS 202 and 203, the NumLock is locked ON. In BIOS 201, it is locked OFF, but the Numpad keys are the same as the numbered keys on the top row. At present there is no BIOS that allows changing the NumLock state on the G74SX. That wil requre another BIOS update.

    I don't know if such a BIOS update is in the ASUS roadmap. An ASUS employee would need to confirm this.
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