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    Quote Originally Posted by ixnay19 View Post
    Has anyone found a reliable way to add the middle-click function to the touchpad?
    Does anyone know of a solution, a new driver that will work for the G551JM, or some third-party software that will provide what I need?
    It depends which Windows version you use.
    Look in my sticky guide here for the right driver for the right windows version.
    also, from these links you can get newer/older version of same driver type, which cannot be obtain from the specific laptop support page. ( these drivers are from asus official site/server nontheless ).
    i'm currently looking for solution for windows10 on my G751JT using of course the "Smart Gesture" driver ( which is THE SAME driver of the latest ROG laptops, i.e from the G751/G551 till the latest models.
    i'll report back if i'll find a solution.

    EDIT: please see the following solution under "Answer", and note the "update" about windows 10.

    Quote Originally Posted by HmmmBeee View Post
    Slight hijack - I've got a similar problem (but the forum isn't letting me start a new thread).
    As this is the same issue on similar laptop ( i.e Asus Rog serie laptop ) please DO NOT open new thread about it, as this thread as server as a "library" of knowledge for that issue.
    now... for solution, please read my above comment.

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    Thanks for the great advice, really appreciate it.

    I've tried the things you suggested, but haven't had any success installing the new drivers - I get "device not connected" and "driver version doesn't suit this touchpad" style errors. I think maybe because I have an I2C touchpad, and the drivers are for PS/2? I should have mentioned before, I'm running Windows 10.

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