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    Bad experience with G750JX

    one year ago I bought the ROG G750JX machine. I take some days to find a NB for Gaming, and after several investigation I've found this machine that I thought was quite good for gaming (performance seems ok for me). Despite the weak case (especially the plastic around the screen) I decided to buy it (I had bad experience in 2002 with an Asus L2D that had a weak plastic case that after few years was completely broken by aging). Now after one year the HDD is completely damaged (it started to create me problem in September last year, but in December a system error appeared and now it's impossible to recover the system image from the dedicated partition inside the HDD because a message inform that there's no anymore the recovery file). Consider that i used this NB only for gaming at home, without any overclocking and keeping it like a precious object. Used programs were only games (BF2, BF3, ME1/2/3, CoD Black Ops, CoD Ghost).

    I spent a lot of money for this NB and after one year it doesn't work anymore. I had several NB in past, and none was a disappointment like this. I'll never buy an Asus anymore in future. The first one was a gift from my wife (someone recommended her for this brand), but this G750 is my personal error.


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