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    Lightbulb ASUS GL551JM Temperature Problems After 204 BIOS Update (solved)

    Hi guys. So, I've run into this problem (Which I've solved already) and I thought I'd help either forewarn or fix the problems others are having. So, I updated my ASUS GL551JM gaming notebook from the "202" drivers to "204". I don't game with the power plan on "High Performance" because this runs the Core i7 4710HQ at a constant 3.3Ghz at all times. Now keep in mind that this laptop has only one vent to dissipate air from but it does a really good job at it, so when the processor gets toasty it also increases the temperature of the GPU as well since they are on a shared heatsink. After updating the BIOS I noticed that my max temps on the GPU went from ~78c jumped to 83c within 15 minutes of playing games like Titanfall, Far Cry 4, and Shadows of Mordor and stayed there. Tomb Raider even pushed it to 84c!! That's when I had noticed that although I was on the "Balanced" power option and that my CPU should be throttling itself when It's not needed it wasn't. I ran CPU-Z and my processor was running @3.3Ghz just sitting on the desktop with no background apps running, and even restarting the laptop was useless. So I was troubleshooting the issue with a friend on Skype and we both were puzzled. I hadn't Overclocked the GPU because I'm on the latest NVIDIA Gameready Beta Drivers which don't allow overclocking and I hadn't installed or tinkered with anything recently. Plus I bought the laptop last month so I know cooling couldn't have been an issue, especially if it was on a flat wood table. So for some reason I narrowed it down to the BIOS, downgraded it and now everything is back to normal. Now the FIX BEGINS!!

    1. Run Command Prompt as an Administrator
    2. Make sure you have WINFLASH Installed
    3. In Command Prompt navigate to where you have WINFLASH installed, Mine was here " cd C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\WinFlash " minus the quotations. (Copy and Paste in Command Prompt)
    4.Then enter "Winflash /nodate" minus the quotations, Locate the desired BIOS file which in this case mine was 202. Ignore the warning about Flashing to an older BIOS version and hit FLASH.
    5. Restart your computer and let EasyFlash take care of the rest and VOILA! THE CPU THROTTLES AS NEEDED AND THE EXTRA HEAT IS GONE!!!

    I immediatly opened TitanFall after this and my average temps went from 83c down to 75c. Hope it helped!

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