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    2 year old G75V overheating

    So I have a 2 year old (this month) G75V laptop which has made me very happy in general and has given me no troubles until now. A couple of weeks ago I started noticing that my computer was hotter than usual, even when I was just browsing the internet or using a text processor. The most dramatic change, however, was during game execution (I mostly play dota 2, almost daily). After 20-30 minutes of gaming my fps dropped from 30-60 to 10-20, which made for a very poor gaming experience. During these sessions the fans seemed to be working at max capacity too, and the keyboard area just above the arrow keys was hotter than usual even for gaming sessions.

    I hoped that after updating my graphic card drivers to the latest version and cleaning the fan filters as I do every 5-6 months the problem would go away or at least greatly decrease, but this wasn't the case. I started to research a more about the problem and although information is limited I tried out the suggestions I found posted online. I did a partial teardown of my system in order to clean it more thoroughly and remove all the dust inside (which was quite a lot specially in the removable part behind the monitor) after which I put everyhthing back in place successfully and tried again. The problem persisted, so I installed the GPU Z software provided in this site to monitor my temperatures and gpu load. Sadly, I found that my gpu temperaure while idle (or almost idle) is around 50-60 C (don't know if this is normal because information regarding the nvidia geforce gtx 670m is limited online). Most concerning, of course, was my gpu temperature while gaming, which reached 100C according to the log after 20-30 min of playing. Now this I am sure is way too hot and I am surprised that it can even keep on going at such a high temperature for more than an hour. No wonder my fps in game drop so horribly after less than half an hour of playing.

    So as I said I have tried all the direct/simple remedies to no avail and according to forums and other websites I should probably reapply the thermal paste (maybe the heatsink too?). I guess there's no fatal damage to my hardware since it's still running and can even take whole gaming sessions without shutting down, right?

    Any professional advice will be greatly thanked... also I was thinking of going to the nearest best buy and ask the geek squad to perform the diagnostic and repaste if necessary since doing a complete teardown of this laptop is beyond what I feel comfortable with... is this a good idea?

    Thanks for reading and any help!

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