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    G53Sw Baccklights

    Im crap with pcs i got an asus g53sw the volumes buttons didnt work at first didnt mind but now the keyboard backlight wont work it comes on when i reboot so i dont think its hardware iv download the new atk package but didnt work what drivers do i install and do i need to delete something before i install

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    Try uninstalling the existing ATK package, then rebooting, then installing the latest ATK, and rebooting again.

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    Be aware the backlights are disabled until you Logon to Windows. Once logged on, Fn-F4 will turn on the backlights if they are still off. This key combo can also be used to increase keyboard backlight brightness. Fn-F3 will decrease brightness and turn the backlight off (if your ATK Package is functioning correctly).
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    Search your system for HCcontrol.exe and dbl-click it. Then try the fn keys again
    Read the User's Manual for more info.

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