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    G750jx-rb71SSD Install Gone Bad- Help!

    So I installed an SSD drive, cloned my original C: boot drive to it, went into the BIOS and made it the boot drive. I booted up on the SSD and all was fine. Next step was to make the SSD the 'C:' drive and my old 'C:' drive 'E:'

    Made my old C: drive E: using the Windows Disk Management tool and when I went to change the SSD to C:, it gave an error and wouldn't let me change the drive letter. Stupidly, I thought I needed to reboot to complete the move to E: and of course, when it reboots, all the references to C: in Windows are now gone. So the PC boots up to a black login screen and then it says "Preparing Windows..." forever.

    What I need to do is boot off a USB drive, use the Disk Management tool and make the SSD C: and all should be good. Problem is, I can't get into Windows to do the Shift-Restart to get to recovery mode can't seem to boot directly into the BIOS (tried Shift-F8, F2 during POST...)

    Any ideas?

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    to boot into bios keep repeatedly pressing the esc key
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    you using windows 7?

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