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    Problem with DisplayPort, Please help me

    Hi everybody and thanks for your attention.
    I have a problem with my monitor. when i use HDMI connection, all things are ok and my system works properly but when i use my
    DisplayPort connection, my motherboard Q-code shows b1 and the monitor shows no signal and doesn't work. Please help me what to do to use my DisplayPort connection?

    my system:
    MB: rampage v extreme
    Monitor: ASUS PB287Q 4k resolution


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    Moderator Array Nate152 PC Specs
    Nate152 PC Specs
    MotherboardROG Maximus IX Code
    Processori7-7700k 5.2GHz Delidded
    Memory (part number)16GB G.Skill Trident Z 4025MHz 17-17-17-39-2T
    Graphics Card #1Titan Xp - EKFC waterblock
    Graphics Card #2Titan Xp
    Sound CardROG SupremeFX 2015
    MonitorHP ZR30w
    Storage #1Toshiba OCZ VX500 256GB
    CPU CoolerSwiftech Apogee GTZ
    CaseThermaltake Armor+ VH6000
    Power SupplyEVGA Supernova 1600w Titanium
    Keyboard Cyberpower Skorpion K2
    Mouse Razer Basilisk
    Headset Sennheiser HD6XX / Modmic 5
    OS Windows 10 Home 64 bit
    Accessory #1 Asus optical drive
    Accessory #2 Koolance ERM-2K3U
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    Hello ashiphone6

    Have you installed the latest NVidia driver?

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    Biohazard PC Specs
    MotherboardMaximum VII Hero
    Processori7 4790K
    Memory (part number)Vengeance® Pro Series — 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 DRAM 2400MHz
    Graphics Card #1Gigabyte Gtx 970 G1 Gaming
    MonitorSamsung S22B350
    Storage #1Samsung 850 Pro 256 Gb
    Storage #2Wd Caviar Black 2Tb
    CPU CoolerCorsair H100i + Sp120 QE Fan
    CaseCorsair 760T Black
    Power SupplyCorsair RM850
    Keyboard Logitech G110
    Mouse Logitech G9x Gaming
    Headset Logitech G930 Gaming
    Mouse Pad Asus GM50 Gaming Mouse Pad Back
    Headset/Speakers Logitech Z10
    OS Windows 8.1 Enterprise
    Network RouterNetgear DGND3700
    Accessory #1 Asus Front Base
    Accessory #2 Dns-325 Nas
    Accessory #3 Wd live 2Tb Nas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nate152 View Post
    Hello ashiphone6

    Have you installed the latest NVidia driver?
    I have solved my problem in that way too.

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    ROG Enthusiast Array TheOnlyDoor PC Specs
    TheOnlyDoor PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)ASUS ROG Strix Hero III
    MotherboardASUS Z390 Maximus Hero XI (WiFi)
    ProcessorI9 9900k @ 4.9 (all core no AVX offset)
    Memory (part number)32 GB Trident Z RGB DDR4 @ 3200mhz
    Graphics Card #1EVGA 2080Ti FTW (+100 core/+900 mem)
    MonitorASUS PG27UQ 27inch 4k HDR
    Storage #1Samsung 960 pro M.2 2 TB
    CPU CoolerCorsair h115i
    CaseNZXT Phantom (White) Full ATX
    Power SupplyCorsair AX 1500i 80+ platinum
    Keyboard Logitech G910
    Mouse Logitech G502
    Headset Steel Series 840 wireless Gaming Headset
    Mouse Pad Star Citizen Anvil Areospace 32 inch gaming pad
    Headset/Speakers Logitech stereo speakers
    OS Windows 10 pro 64 bit
    Network RouterVerizon Quantum Gateway
    Accessory #1 HTC Vive Pro
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    I have that same monitor. the problem for me was the mini displayport on my r9295x2.
    Xfx had to send me a whole new card.
    The other thing you can try are the best DP cables you can buy. Gold plated, best reviews, etc. You might have to try 2 or 3 different brands of cable.
    If that dosent work then you'll have to RMA the monitor. If that still dosent work than its the DP ports on your 980.
    I went through this with the PB287Q. I RMA the monitor, waited 4 weeks to get it back and.......same problem. RMAD the 295x2 and turns out all 4 mini displayport were dead on the card.
    Total of 6 weeks of frustration to find the source of the no displayport error.
    so it's iether the cable, the monitor, or the card.
    Good luck......

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    yes, i installed the last driver but it doesn't work!. i think the cables are ok beacause when i change the HDMI with DP when the system is on, it works but after shut down or reboot it doesn't work again.

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    Rehok PC Specs
    MotherboardASUS X99 Deluxe
    ProcessorI7 5930k 4.2Ghz
    Memory (part number)CMK16GX4M4A2666C15
    Graphics Card #1MSI 980 4GB
    Graphics Card #2MSI 980 4GB
    Sound CardASUS Xonar Phoebus
    MonitorASUS ROG PG278Q
    Storage #1Intel 430 240GB x4 RAID 0
    Storage #22TB WD
    CPU CoolerXSPC Raystorm (Custom Loop)
    CaseCorsair 900D
    Power SupplyCorsair AXI1200
    Keyboard Razer Blackwidow Chroma
    Mouse Razer Naga Epic Chroma
    Headset Razer Tiamat 7.1
    OS Windows 8.1
    Network RouterVirgin Media Superhub V2

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    Feb 2015

    Have you tried rolling back the nVidia driver and see if that works?

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    yeah, it doesn't work when i press the start button. i think my graphic card is not compatible with 4k monitor by displyport beacause i test 770 g.card and it works good.

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    saloei PC Specs
    MotherboardASUS ROG STRIXX X399
    ProcessorAMD Threadripper 1900
    Memory (part number)CORSAIR CMR16GX4M2C3466C16
    Graphics Card #1Radeon Vega64
    MonitorLG 43UD79
    Storage #1Samsung 960 Pro M.2
    CaseCorsair 900D
    Power SupplyCORSAIR AX1500i
    Keyboard AORUS THUNDER K7
    Mouse Logitech MX
    Headset/Speakers CORSAIR SP2500
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    I'm having a similar problem. My board is Maximus VII Hero with 4.7.2015 bios update. XFX r295X2 video card. Power supply Antec PRO 1200. I can't see anything when booting pc. Windows loads because I hear the Windows welcome jingle. I can even shut it down with my preconfigured shutdown key combination shortcut command. Any suggestions?

    When I put back my AMD 6990, everything shows on my monitor and is ok. This is my 2nd card and still same problem.
    I've picked up a Corsair 1500i. If this fixes my problem, I'll post results.
    Last edited by saloei; 04-29-2015 at 08:37 PM.

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    ROG Member Array Ipswicher PC Specs
    Ipswicher PC Specs
    MotherboardGigabyte Z77X-D3H
    Processori5-3450 Ivy Bridge
    Memory (part number)32GB Ram
    Graphics Card #1Asus Radeon R9 280X DC2 3GD5 V2
    Monitor2 X asus 27"
    Storage #1Revo 3x2 256 GB
    Storage #23 x 2TB HDD
    CPU CoolerAfter Market - Double Fan
    CaseAntec 270 xl-ata
    Power SupplyThermaltake 1200
    OS win 8.1

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    Hi Ashiphone6

    I have a Asus Radeon R9 280X DC2 3GD5 V2.

    It has 2x DVI ports and 4x Display Ports. It has a hub built into the card.

    I tried to use just the Display Ports for my 3 Monitors, but it just did not seem to work. So after some lengthy reading on that tech, I found that I should use a DVI port first, and then use the DP's as 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc.

    I suppose it depends on the card and what ports or converters you may have. DVI and HDMI are similar creatures.

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    ROG Guru: Black Belt Array Korth PC Specs
    Korth PC Specs
    MotherboardASUS X99 R5E (BIOS2101/1902)
    ProcessorHaswell-EP E5-1680-3 SR20H/R2 (4.4GHz)
    Memory (part number)Vengeance LPX 4x8GB SS DDR4-3000 (CMK32GX4M4C3000C15)
    Graphics Card #1NVIDIA Quadro GP100GL/16GB, 16xPCIe3, NVLink1 (SLI-HB)
    Graphics Card #2NVIDIA Quadro GP100GL/16GB, 16xPCIe3, NVLink1 (SLI-HB)
    Sound CardJDS Labs O2+ODAC (RevB), USB2 UAC1
    MonitorASUS PG278Q
    Storage #1Samsung 850 PRO 512GB SSDs, 4xSATA3 RAID0
    Storage #2Comay BladeDrive E28 3200GB SSD, 8xPCIe2
    CPU CoolerRaijintek NEMESIS/TISIS, AS5, 2xNH-A14
    CaseObsidian 750D (original), 6xNH-A14
    Power SupplyZalman/FSP ZM1250 Platinum
    Headset Pilot P51 PTT *modded*
    OS Arch, Gentoo, Win7x64, Win10x64
    Network RouterActiontec T3200M VDSL2 Gateway
    Accessory #1 TP-Link AC1900 Archer T9E, 1xPCIe
    Accessory #2 ASUS/Infineon SLB9635 TPM (TT1.2/FW3.19)
    Accessory #3 ASUS OC Panel I (FW0501)
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    Does your AMD card only have mini-DisplayPort outputs? If so, make sure your mDP-to-DP cables are passive/direct signal connectors (not active signal converters) and that they're actually DisplayPort 1.2 certified. I've used these before and they work perfectly, while I've used others (including the free cables XFX provided with my old AMD cards) and they did not work (prompting me to buy the ones which did, lol). There's a lot of uncertified and underspec DP cables on the market, and many people report a bewildering array of problems from using them (then again, many people also report that everything seems to work just fine) - I just think it's worth paying an extra $2 to be certain, lol.

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