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    G75VX-BH17N09 AC/DC Adapter not working

    My AC adapter has stopped working, I used a multimeter and I am not getting any DC voltage output. I have the Asus G75VX-BH17N09 and my existing adapter is Model FA180PM111. I am from Australia, will this adapter be a suitable replacement:

    Also when I plug in another adapter that I have which is 19V and 4.74A the laptop power LED flashes twice and then stops flashing.

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    Not sure how much you want to worry about it, but since I work for ASUS, I should suggest you get the adapter sold through ASUS to be safe, but yes, the G55VW and G75VW use the same 180W adapter as the G75VX, so if it works for those other models, it should work for your model too.

    If you are worried about it, you may want to check with your local ASUS support or stores about finding the 180W adapter which is also used by some newer models like the G750JX and G750JW.

    The 90W adapter (19V*4.74A = about 90W) you tried is too small for your notebook although if you leave the notebook turned off, it may be able to charge the battery at least.
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