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    New ROGer Array Dany Bullet PC Specs
    Dany Bullet PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)Asus ROG G46VW
    ProcessorIntel i7 3820QM
    Memory (part number)8GB 1600GHZ
    Graphics Card #1Nvidia 660M 2GB

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    Feb 2015

    Post Asus ROG G46vw: If you want to increase the fan speed to max capacity, READ THIS.

    Hello to everyone. I'm new here and I would like to share my first post. For those people who has an Asus Rog G46vw and like to overclock GPU and all that stuff, this would help you. I just read today another post about people asking how to increase the fan speed and the way I do that is booting the Laptop from an USB with Hiren's Boot 15.2. I just choose "Mini Windows Xp" and let the laptop goes to windows xp then in just 1 minute or less BOTH fan speed will increase to max speed automatically. Then you just restart the laptop and the fan will stay exactly like before. The only way to stop it is turning the laptop off but it doesn't matter how many time you restart or put the computer into sleep, it will keep the speed.

    Maybe you think you have to do much but if you think about it, this is good and you just have to do it just once. I've been doing this for about 1 year. I have my GPU overclocked and the temperature for CPU and GPU are amazing.

    Well, i hope this help somebody. Thanks for reading!.

    Note: This worked for me and I hope this work for you too. I just tried this on my Asus G46vw, bios 210 and Mobo 60-NMMMB1100-C06. I'm asuming this will work on any G46vw but not sure. So, try and share! Thanks.

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