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    Rampage Formula extreme boot problem

    I just finished assembling my new computer but it will not boot.
    The start button on the motherboard keeps blinking. The manual said it is suppose to stop blinking after 3 times when it is ready to boot. When I hit start, all comes up except the video. I tried different video cards and memory and took out all uncessary peripherals but nothing change. No beeps or error codes. The LCP poster is showing a timer. Any idea?

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    what code is the lcd poster showing?

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    Welcome to Asus rog forum!

    Try to find the LCD code error as Brian tell you. Or you can try plug a PC speaker in since I am pretty sure this board don't have one on it (only the 4pin connection) If you have any unusual beep code you can foward it here also or look at this site :

    Finally, try re-seating the CPU. LGA is far the best socket design but some time it can be itchy on the seating.

    Keep us updated on that we will all offer the best help we can

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