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    G74 accessories?

    Hi all!

    i've just bought a g74 recently.
    and what bothers me the most is the keyboard.
    small things could get into it really easily.

    so i'm looking for a g74 keyboard skin does anyone know where to get it?


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    I got one off eBay for my G53 and couldn't be happier, it was like $10 after shipping. Although, searching for a G74 skin I couldn't find any, does the G73 and G74 have the same keyboards? I guess you'd have to ask someone to verify.

    This is the one I bought for my G53

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    No, the G74 kb is wider.

    Whenever I go to an ebay link here, it shows me something totally unrelated, like a Leaf blowervac. :/
    Read the User's Manual for more info.

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    Ah ok good to know. Doing a quick google search I found this one but it's out of stock, maybe you could contact them and ask about it. Same stock photo as the ebay one lol.

    That's weird re: ebay. You could go to the homepage and put this number (260887708416) in the search bar if you really wanted to see it. haha

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