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    G46VW - AC Adapter not working.

    Hi, my charger model name ADP-180HB D doesnt charge my laptop from time to time. Sometimes it charges sometimes it doesnt. I tried changing from 110V to 220V vice versa to see if that is the problem but to no avail. I've had this laptop and charger since December of 2013 and have been using it for almost 24/7 due to rendering programs and playing games. Right now im using my laptop and the charger suddenly stops working then starts working again.

    Im pretty sure its not the socket because I had recently replaced the old motherboard with a new one.

    When the AC adapter is charging it makes a loud buzzing sound and when it is not charging but still plugged in into the outlet it makes a quiet buzzing sound.

    Is there anyway I can fix this? or should I buy a new one?

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    Check the back to make sure the cord going into the supply is properly seated. My cord comes loose and does exactly what you are describing. I may replace my cord if it gets worse. I usually have to re-seat it if the cord gets bumped, its annoying.

    If that does not help just replace the charger, most people including myself don't want to open one up to fix it. Not to mention I read somewhere that they have to be unplugged for some ridiculous amount of time to not have the charge to kill you!

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