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    "Additional turbo mode CPU core voltage ' is confusing..

    I'm referring to the Adaptive cpu voltage mode sub-setting.

    As title says , when reading this i expect that whatever value i input there, is going to be ADDED to the base VID for the selected frequency.
    For example , my 4790k requests 1.167 VID on 4,8 GHZ , so i thought that by entering 0,043 V on "additional turbo mode CPU core voltage" , i will achieve my desired 1,21 Volts ,which of course ended up being ignored and i was left wandering why it didn't work.
    After doing a quick search online , i realized that i must input the ACTUAL VID (1,21V in my case) that i want to use there and not an offset value.

    Was anyone else confused by the word "Additional" , or was it just me ?

    Maybe the word "additional" needs to be changed to something like "Total" or be removed.

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