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    Asus HD 6950 directCU2 - BEST MONITOR ?

    hi there

    I have a the following setup for Rfactor 2 simulator gaming:

    Maximus IV extreme Z
    Intel core i7 - 2600K
    Asus hd6950 (not overclocked)
    8Gb Gskill gaming Ram

    .. i need to upgrade to a good monitor of about 24 / 27 inch

    If resolution of monitor is higher then 1920 x 1080
    will the video card support it? Or the extra money spend
    on a monitor with 2560 x 1080 or maybe 2560 x 1440
    will be useless?

    Better a normal LED monitor with 1 or 2 ms response time
    or and IPS monitor with about 5ms as response time
    (usually IPS montor all have higher higher reposnse time.

    For now i will only conneect 1 monitor and not a
    tripple display mode

    let me know



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