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    X99-S easiest connection of WC pump 9V


    I've connected the pump of my Fractal Design S36 AIO to cpu_opt.

    Since the pump makes quite some noise I've been recommended to lower the pump to 9v (2000 rpm) but afaik I can't control the cpu_opt. Can anyone verify this?

    If I need to connect it elsewhere - does it matter which fan-connection I choose? Would you recommend anyone above another? I suppose I then just change the selected fan-connector to run constantly 2000 rpm? (Assume that's possible..!)


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    if you go into the BIOS, there is the option to disable the QControl of each fan, maybe you could try disable the CPU fan control by Qcontrol and let Fractal Design run by its own, will it work?

    I have a similar situation - I'm using NZXT X61 AIO watercool. X61 have its own control software. The software try to maintain the fan speed while I see the Asus AIsuite try to overtake the speed control. This looks like not a really good condition if my system running in a long period. Does anyone else have a good solution?
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