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    ROG Enthusiast Array Goggle Eye PC Specs
    Goggle Eye PC Specs
    MotherboardRampage lV Black Edition
    ProcessorI7 4930K
    Memory (part number)F3-17000CL9Q-16GBZH
    Graphics Card #1GTX 780 S.C.
    Graphics Card #2GTX 780 S.C.
    Sound CardOn Board
    MonitorLG Ultra Wide 34 in BenQ 24 IN
    Storage #12 x Samsung Pro 2TBs Each
    Storage #22 x Intel 540 480 GBs Each
    CPU CoolerNH-D14
    CaseCase Labs
    Power SupplyCorsair AX 1500w I
    Keyboard Ducky 908 G2
    Mouse Logitech G3
    Headset Sennheiser HD 650
    Mouse Pad None
    OS 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
    Network RouterNA

    Join Date
    Apr 2011

    Over Clocking CPU Load Line Calibration Help Needed

    Rampage 4 Black Edition
    I 7 4930K 4.4 GHz Cooling Noctua NH-D 14 V Core Limit 1.40v @90c
    G-Skill 2133 MHz 16 Gigs.

    Set the BIOS Load Optimized Settings Save and Exit to desk top back to BIOS.

    The BIOS settings are set to Default.

    XMP Profile
    Strap 100
    Adjust Per Core 44
    V Core Auto 1.305v On Auto. Want to lower the VCore to 1.235v

    BIOS V Core setting Changed to 1.235v Prime 95 24 hour test pass (Will pass at 1.25v). OCCT 1 Hour Pass, Intel Burn Test.

    BIOS V Core 1.235v CPU-Z Reading 1.245 Idle & stress testing the CPU.

    Make "any changes" CPU LLC (Load Line Calibration) all stress testing fails.

    Tried a manual V-core from 1.235v thru 1.40v. with changes to CPU LLC.

    With and with out with out Enhanced Intel Speed Step, C-States Auto, Disabled, Enabled.

    Don't understand why cannot make changes to the CPU LLC and pass stress test?


    CaseLabs Magnum 8
    Asus Rampage 4 Black Edition
    I7 4930K 4.5GHz
    Noctua NH D14
    G-Skill Z Series 2133 MHz 16 Gb
    2x GTX 780 S.C.
    PSU Corsair AX 1500 I
    2 x Samsung 850 Pro 2 Tbs Each
    2 x Intel 730 Series 480 GBs Each
    Sound On Board

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