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    Coca Cola damage

    Hello folks,

    Yesterday I did a very dumb thing: I spilled a glass of Cola on my Rog G551. Turned the laptop off, unplugged everything, cleaned and let it dry for a bit.

    Turned it on a bit yesterday and again today and stuff seems to be fine, but I have a plethora of doubts. I hope you may be able to help me out.

    The laptop turns on and works just fine. Keyboard and track pad also work, although a few keys are extremely sticky.

    How do you suggest I proceed? I was considering taking the PC to an assistance center and I have made a few phone calls, but I am not convinced. Answers from experts ranged from "if it looks fine it probably is" to "your motherboard is undoubtedly fried". Even a simple clean job is rather expensive over here (Italy), involves certain risks and will void my warranty. Technicians also don't seem particularly trustworthy.

    Do you have any tips on how I should proceed or see if there was any hardware damage? I haven't noticed anything particularly odd apart from the sticky keys. The laptop seemed to heat a bit more than usual yesterday, but I may just be paranoid. It was a bit warmer than usual and I was hearing the fan for the first time since I bought it, but it was hardly overheating.

    Any replies are appreciated!

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