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    Asus g771jm audio combo jack problem ? Please help

    Hey. I have a problem with my external mic. This is it:
    It has a regular jack conector.

    When i plug in in the combo jack windows does not recognize it. In audio settings in control pannel at recording appear only the internal mic.(i've done that thing with right-click) Also when i plug in nothing happens.

    I also have a gaming headset with mic. Thet have 2 jack conectors , one for mic , one for sound. I know i need an adapter to funcion both , it's possible ?

    When i plug in only the jack with the sound , the headset sound work , not the microphone. When i plug in only the mic , nothing happens like the external mic.

    So my pc not recognize neyther the external mic , nor the headset mic.

    WHY ? i have realtek updated from asus site for my laptop.

    Please help , i need to use an external mic.

    Sorry for my english.
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