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    O.K, read it a bit to quick!

    I was thinking more along the lines of telling them it's been back so many times and never been fixed that you've lost all faith in the product and it's such a burden to rely on the laptop anymore. Further to this, the 11 months you've owned the laptops I assume it's only been in your possession for 8 or so. Tell them you're not happy with a repair especially after its been back several times at your expense it just isn't good enough. Then insist you want a brand new replacement that is as good or better. Tell them you've been extremely patient and tolerant of the service you received after going long lengths of time without your laptop. It's not like it's a cheap laptop and even if it were the same would still apply.

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    We think very much alike. I did indeed ask for and make most of the comments you made. I stopped short of demanding a brand new, upgraded unit. I was honest when I said I would accept a refurb as long as it wasn't "my system", as mine is obviously a lemon. You are right about everything you said about the downtime and whatnot and I did convey that but it seems most of it fell on deaf ears.

    I think the low level service reps/techs have a playbook and they stick to it. Which is why my OS was just reloaded over and over again without actually addressing the issue. They do their bench test and if nothing shows it self in that brief window of time the machine gets a clean bill of health and a arbitrary OS reload. My comments through the whole process have been "if I cant get into bios or even get the machine to boot, how is it an OS issue? Even if the OS is corrupted beyond repair I should still be able to boot into the bios". If it is a cold boot issue caused by the OS why is the OS reloaded? That is the only way to solve it? They obviously had to do some sort of hardware reset to get it to boot as well, which to me would signify that there is hardware issues. I am not a tech but I am quite experienced with building PC's and I would not have looked past/ignored the customers repeated issue the way Asus has done with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red-Tide View Post
    Octopuss - Do you feel I am being unreasonable in requesting a replacement unit? Are my expectations out of line here?
    You should be demanding your money back because the product you bought and had "repaired" several times is still broken.
    In Europe - or my country at least - if you RMA the same problem 3 times, you are automatically eliglible for getting your money back, no questions. I hope you are able to do the same thing.
    Last edited by Octopuss; 03-07-2015 at 10:13 AM.

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    Deon017 PC Specs
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    MonitorAsus Rog Swift 27" 3D Monitor
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    I believe that in Australia the 2nd time with the same fault in a reasonable time you can have a refund- so you should be able by now to demand it - don't you have a office of fair trading or consumer watchdog that can advice you?

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    Octopuss - I am not sure Canada has similar consumer protection, I will explore that possibility. That would be extremely helpful. Thanks

    Deon017 - Same as Octopuss, I will check into it.

    UPDATE: I seem to be getting closer to at least figuring what is happening with my machine. One of the admins here gave some suggestions (props to cl-Albert, whom has been been very helpful) suggested a few things, one of which actually got my machine to boot up. It seems as though this is some sort of residual power buildup that must dissipate before it can power up again. I understand that this issue is known on notebooks, at least it did not take me long to find a ton of info on it. However, I still think this is an issue that should be covered under warranty and the first time it occurred on my machine, it was under warranty and at the depot for this very issue.

    Has anyone else here had this issue?

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    Nothing like that ever happened to me with any notebook I ever got my hands on. No matter what internet says, when you press the power button, the only legit thing that can happen is, you know, the computer switching on. If it doesn't, it's broken. It's that simple.
    Return that piece of junk asap if you legally can.

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