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    G750JX, G750JH and M.2 SSD

    Hey there,

    So ive done some digging on the forum and havent found a clear answer on this topic.
    Ive gone ahead and gotten a corsair ssd with 90k iops r/w because frankly it seemed cool at the time (and because localized g750jx actually came without an ssd at the time) but i got a small one (128GB)
    Naturally i saved it only for Win8, browsers, my Android SDK, Eclipse, Visual studio and.. bam, have the space for only 1 game to go there.

    So, i dug on the net and found there is supposedly an m.2 slot in the g750jx, specifically type 2242.

    Before i go and disassemble my powerhouse and void my warranty (Does that void the warranty? if i want to go 32GB i need to take off the keyboard to access slot D),
    Does the M.2 Slot exist on the g750jx like that retailer claims?

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