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    Dual boot new G750 Ubuntu 14.04/Win8.1 - Partitions!

    Just got a G750JZ (first ASUS), and I'd like to dual boot Ubuntu 14.04 along side the existing Win 8.1. I've installed Ubuntu before on a few machines, but I've never dealt with : 1) Win 8.1 2) UEFI, or 3) SSDs.
    Created a USB boot just using Ubuntu's creator, and it seems to work pretty well. I'm able to boot UEFI, my display is OK, I can mount drives, I can connect wireless, and I recover from sleep, so I'm feeling pretty good about Ubuntu on the G750.
    Then I look at my partitions - WHOA! Here's what I'm looking at:

    Disk0 1 TB HDD

    D: 465.75GB NTFS Data1
    E: 465.76GB NTFS Data2

    Disk1 500GB SSD

    100MB EFI System Partition
    900MB Recovery Partition
    C: 190.78GB NTFS OS
    F: 265.065GB NTFS Data
    20.01GB Recovery Partition

    I normally don't have this many partitions even AFTER I install Linux!

    First off, I thought I would have 2 256G SSDs RAIDed together, but I seem to have 1 .5TB SSD.

    My plan is to :
    1) Install 14.04 on the F: (Data) partition after reformatting.
    2) Create a 48G partition out of part of the E: partition for swap
    3) Maybe reformat the E: partition and mount it as home

    Is this all reasonable? Am I missing something? Ubuntu will ask where to put the boot manager - MBR of the SSD? Is that even a thing now?
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