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    Hi there. I don't know of I'm in the right place for that but I have a sound issue. Just before playing .mp3 or .avi for example, I can hear a little sound like the audio card is going out sleep mode or something like that. The 2nd issue is that sometimes I can hear the popping Windows sound spam.
    My question is : I saw a post from hmscott I think explaining that it can be solve by putting these values in pwrmngt regedit "65536, 1, 1, 0".
    Am I correct with that ?
    NB: driver version is .7443 (latest actually)
    Yes, your first problem is very likely the one described here. The second seems like an issue with Windows.

    Navigate in Regedit to 'Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Realtek\Audio \RtkNGUI64\PowerMgnt,' right-click 'Enabled,' click 'Modify...' then replace the value '1' with '0' and restart your computer. Better yet, hold down the power button until the system shuts down and keep holding the button until the battery light (below the touchpad) flickers off then on again. This will reset your computer's CPU cycle. Boot up the system again and your problem may be solved. Note however this fix has seemed to work mostly for people with other computer models and not for those of us posting in this thread (including myself).
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