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    ROG shuttle pack 2 airline friendly ?

    Hello all

    I just bought my first ROG laptop (G751) and well what a size. so big that it just does not fit in my old laptop bag. well it does fit in but the back end sticks out.. so i need a new bag.

    The main reason why i bought the G751 is that i have a new job and i will be travelling internationally alot. so needless to say i need a bag that will be allowed on as cabin baggage as there is no way in hell this is going into the hold but the bag also needs to give some protection. so im looking at the shuttle pack 2 as the laptop should fit in it but i cant figure out of the depth of the bag exceeds the limits

    Limits are 56cm long x 45cm wide x 25cm deep

    can anyone shed some light or offer advice. would be much appreciated

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