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    PG278Q G-Sync black flash (frame drop) at 144Hz

    Has anyone else experienced an issue where when running the PG278Q at or near it's maximum refresh rate with G-Sync active causes relatively frequent (several times a minute in some games) frame drops? It just looks like a momentary black flash.

    I've tested SLI on/off, multiple Displayport cables, and two different cards DP ports with no change. It appears to be G-Sync only as it doesn't happen in Windows, however by simply setting the displays turbo mode to 120Hz (or lower) the frame drops no longer happen - as soon as it's set to 144Hz it will start happening again.
    Even gone as far as confirming it with a high speed (phone) camera!

    I'm completely expecting this to be a warranty issue, but would much prefer a simpler solution as I'm happy with this particular panel.

    The same issue was posted in this thread, but no mention of a solution:

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