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    Question Windows 10 Resident Evil 4 HD. FIX but strange display issue...

    GTX 980m/G-sync model
    16gb ddr3

    I'm able to launch & play Resident Evil : 4 ultimate HD at 1080p 60fps but *ONLY* when plugged into my TV (60htz) via HDMI in duel screen mode (2nd display, not mirror).
    When I launch the game using my notebook only (g751jy screen) the game will launch in windowed mode, perfect audio but solid black screen with my MSI afterburner OSD and steam overlay working normally.

    I tried to make a custom resolution at 60htz in NCP & matching/changing values in MyGames/RE4/config.ini with NO luck getting the game to display correctly.
    Anybody have any ideas to launch this game on my laptop screen without a solid black screen & perfect audio?

    My display/audio drivers are all up to date.
    Does the G751JY have an INTEL graphics drivers? I've read the Intel graphics driver may be my issue but I can't seem to find anything about it in the PC control panel... :/

    I've come to realize after some research... getting Resident Evil 4 HD to run well on Windows 10 is very difficult, I'm grateful to be able to launch & play it flawlessly via HDMI on my t.V. but to eliminate this black screen curse would be a burden off my shoulders it's driving me crazy I can't figure it out!!! haha.

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