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    future adittion to the kits mabye?

    i must say tbh, there should be a drainage point on those kits ( well if its just me or not i dont know ) in case of leakage ( to prevent a havoc spill ) or change of coolant.
    there is not menny who thinks about this, but when they have came to the point when one get a leakage after running the loop , lets say for leak testing and one have to emty it.
    then you come to the question, where should i pull the tubing from first? the pump/res? you have fluid coming from the pump and the tubing ( mess ), or from the radiator?, you have liquid coming from radiator and tubing ( mess ), or mabye the CPU block?.
    if there was ( or is i dont know ) a drain point on the block connection the res and pump together wouldent been too bad
    or a T whit a close walve on it ( to be placed on a bottom of a loop ).

    i know the kits are pushed down in price as far as it can, but this is just a tought from my side.

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