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    Where this forum is going ?

    As probably few member have notice I don't post anymore on the forum, I look time to time and the only thing I see is Notebook problem, ( I can’t see myself gaming on a note book ) , not to blame anyone but I was expecting more from a Republic of Gamer forum, with the departure of Brian think will not improve for sure.

    On another note. I don't know which direction Asus marketing is going, tomorrow at the Intel Technology conference in Montreal, Asus will not be here, Instead Gigabyte. For as long as remember Asus was there with big name like Microsoft, WDC, Nvidia and many more, Asus seems to concentrate only on California.

    Also on a different note, the new 2011 Rampage IV extreme is a joke; $ 469 for this board is a step back, no Creative EAX and only 1 nic.

    Back to the question ; Where this forum is going ?

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    I think we'll have to wait for a new head of RoG to know what the future holds. For now we are the same as we have been: a user-to-user forum where we can discuss RoG branded products.
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    I have not heard anything either. Guess we just keep moderating and hope for the best?

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    ROG, In my humble opinion, I have to add that, is not a's people.
    It's you.
    ROG Lives.
    The house may fall, but the foundation is eternal. Ease you minds.
    It won't be out of disloyalty that we ROG Forward.
    But of Respect for all that walked before.

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    Things carry on as they are, the focus of the forum when it goes global and not just NA will be on users. Nothing changes.


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    Raja, cudos. TeamROG is doing a great job on this...for what they have to work with...and the massive undertaking it is.c.

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