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    Decided my STRIX 980 needed a new look. Here's the result!

    Sup all, been busy lately with comic and anime cons in area, a new girlfriend and family issues but I finally had some free time this easter weekend to take on a new modding project I had been thinking about for quite awhile, so check it out!

    My 980 is a real nice card but it kinda gets lost in the guts of my build with that black casing.

    And i've never been impressed with its design and especially that stupid "owl" STRIX look that Asus is going for nowadays

    I LOVE how these new Galax Hall of Fame GPU's look! So sexy but soooo damn expensive and hard to buy. Not worth the price of admission and having to sell my 980 just for the "cool" factor

    So I've been pondering this for awhile now, wonder if I can make my Asus 980 look somewhat like this?

    Again, its been a good card, but man, i'm sick of looking at those damn owl "eyes" stickers and the black metal fan frame is just so boring

    I painted the badges and that helped somewhat but I still wasn't happy

    The card is not bad looking, but not great either... and those damn "eyes"

    I've been pondering giving the 980 a bit of a makeover to go with the rest of the system, mainly, a white paint job after seeing those white Galax GPU's

    Seeings how I already voided the warranty with redoing the GPU thermal paste, I decided to take a chance and try my hands at painting my first GPU this weekend

    Asus being awesome in their design of the GPU made this childs play, 4 screws and the entire metal casing came right off. So not only could I paint the casing, I could still use the card to game in the mean time, win!

    Most the badges came off but this one was really stuck on and I didnt' wanna damage it further, so some masking was needed

    Basic paint prep work to remove fingerprint oils and dust but didn't feel like sanding the metal, that's what the primer is for

    An old R/C car building/painting hint. Heating up a spray can with hot water results in a finer paint spray and more even pressure

    Allright, no turning back now, its go/paint time!

    Wow, it looks better already with just primer!

    The first of MANY coats and impatiently waiting, I have terrible patience with painting, I just wanna spray and be instantly dried and done lol!

    2 days of painting and drying outside later, it looks real damn good! Nice and smooth too!

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    But now these damn STRIX "eyes" are still here. Hrmm....

    Wow, what a difference!

    Man, I love it! But those ****ing eyes.... just ruin it

    Removed metal sticker eyes with hobby knife. Much much much better!

    Hmm, but now the fans look a little boring...

    I didn't have any other stickers that would have work and I didn't feel like buying some, so I improvised.

    Ugly owl eyes begone!

    Woooot! Now that is damn sexy!!!

    Wooo! I'm tickled pink happy at the result!

    Oh yeah baby! Its like a whole new GPU!!

    Allright, time to put this revamped GPU back in its home!

    Hot damn! That looks beyond kick ass!!

    Oh yeah!!

    Sooooo much better! I love it!

    Oh yeah, now thats a kick ass non "owl" looking GTX 980!

    Reflects the lights nicely inside as well!

    GPU pimping a complete success!

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    looks very good. Nice job
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    Great job mate!! love it

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    nice nice... *and next the soundcardcover
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    Good job!

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    I had that same sound card in my Rampage IV Extreme build, But I had to clip the LED lead on it because that thing is bright as ****. Also, it has an open side, so it doesn't just come out of the acrylic window, it bleeds red light all over the system. Really easy thing to do, if that interests you.

    Also, why not plasti-dip the cover, so you can just peel and RMA if needed?

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    looks beast bro!

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