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    Connecting ASUS ROG to nVidia 3D Vision ready monitor

    Hey Guys!
    I have ASUS-ROG G750JM with GTX 860M graphics connected to ASUS VG278HE 144Hz nVidia 3D Vision ready monitor.
    As G750JM does not have DVI port I currently have them connected with HDMI cable. I plan on using them with Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Wireless Glasses Kit with IR emitter.

    Now please correct me from this point forward as I'm entering waters I'm not familiar with, at all:

    I understand I have to connect them with DVI cable to get the monitor running above 60Hz (I know that this, including the 3D will put additional strain on the graphics card, but let me worry about that).
    I also believe I understand that in order to have the 3D kit working as intended I need to have the monitor running at 120Hz, what means I definitely need to connect laptop and monitor with DVI cable for both functionalities.

    Would I need passive or active HDMI to DVI converter and is there one you would recommend? Would that be enough to have me set up?

    I was looking at ASUS docking stations that have DVI ports, something like:
    or its bigger brother:
    ASUS USB3.0 HZ-3 Docking Station (
    That would be my preferred solution as I need extra USB, among other things, but would it properly resolve HDMI to DVI situation?

    Last time I actually understood how 3D works was when I put on my cardboard red/blue glasses and went to cinema to watch "Freddy Kruger must die"... Those of you remembering that movie knows how old it is and have a pretty clear picture of my complete ignorance in how 3D works today, so please have patience for my last question:
    What's the deal with nVidia 3D vision exactly? Can I use them with content made exclusively for nVidia 3d or does it just upgrade "standard" 3D format? I other words, does it mean I can just pop in any 3D movie or a game and it should work?

    Thnx guys!

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    Hello Akul Cora

    I have not used 3d vision myself but in games you're going to want at least 120FPS as 3d splits it between the glasses to 60FPS for each lense. Anything lower than that and performance in 3d will be dismal and I'm not sure the 860m is up to the task.

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