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    ASUS G75VW - No POST, black screen, motherboard replacement didn't fix

    I work at a local computer repair shop. A guy brought in a G75VW because it wouldn't POST. Just a black screen. After doing some searching with finding a lot of issues similar to this one and based on my own testing I deemed it a bad motherboard. The customer decided to go ahead and buy a new one and abandoned this one at the shop to get recycled. I figured it'd be worth throwing $200 into a working motherboard replacement to get a pretty awesome laptop for myself rather than just recycling it so I took it home and ordered a motherboard with the exact same numbers as what was on the original from eBay. I got it today and swapped them out but I get the exact same set of problems I had with the original mobo...

    What it does is when I have the battery in I can push the power button and the power light on the button and front will light up as well as the numlock light. If I have the battery out and plug in the power cable it will turn on the computer without me pressing the power button. Screen and screen backlight stay off. I have shined a light into the screen to see if the blacklight might have gone out. When the customer's hard drive was still in it it showed no signs that Windows was booting up. If I hold the power button after it turns on, no matter how long I hold the button the power will not shut off. External monitor shows nothing. I have reset the BIOS on both boards by pulling all power sources and pulling the BIOS battery for 30 mins. I have tried one stick of ram at a time in multiple slots, tested every single stick one at a time on my working laptop, pulled all ram to see if it would do any kind of beep code. I even went so far as to test if the LCD screen on my current 15" ASUS laptop might just work with it. The cable did plug in, but it did the same thing, no POST, black screen, just lights. Tried the 17" screen on the 15" laptop and the laptop would power on for a second and shut off. Seems like they just aren't compatible rather than that being the problem, but it was a test I figured wouldn't hurt to try.

    I have also tried running it without the video card installed. An Alienware laptop we had in the shop last year had an issue with the video card and it had integrated graphics and a modular card so I kinda figured this one would as well. When the modular card was removed, the video would go over the integrated graphics so you'd still at least get video. Maybe that's not the case here and you need a video card installed to get video. But if the video card is the issue then until I buy a video card to test out that theory I'm not really sure.

    So that's my set of circumstances and tests I've done to try and revive this laptop. I was saying if the motherboard doesn't fix the issue I'd try buying a video card next to test it, but I don't want to keep throwing money into a dead laptop. So anyone that has seen these set of circumstances and has a definite answer on what fixed it, let me know. I know it's a possibility I got another bad motherboard, although a seller with decent reputation tends to make sure their products work. Aside from the video card, only 2 other things it could be are the LCD screen and the CPU. LCD screen doesn't seem likely, I'd think it would work with an external screen and the unresponsiveness of the whole thing certainly doesn't point me to say the screen is the issue. If it's the CPU I'll likely just scrap this project as the CPU cost used is around $500 on eBay. Unfortunately laptop parts are a little less standardized and available for quick swap testing like desktop parts are so I can't just go and grab a working video card and test it out, and I'm not gonna have a $500 mobile i7 collecting dust on a shelf...

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