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    G551JM USB mouse not working

    I have recently purchased an Asus G551JM and it had been working great for about a week or so. Upgraded the ram to 12gb ram a week ago. Now im having problem where my USB mouse doesnt work. ive tried everyusb port and everytime the laptop recognises the device being connected and the light on the mouse comes on.

    Im using Power logic gaming mouse, it just stops working all of a sudden. Have tried installing the driver of the mouse from the website, doesnt seem to work. I checked under devices and it seems the mouse isnt working properly. Tried with a different mouse, it doesnt work as well.
    I ran out of ideas and did a system restore to 2 days prior to the problem, after the restoration, the mouse worked great for a day or 2, and it stopped working again.

    Im desperate to play my games, and if the mouse isnt functioning I cant play any of it. Please shed some thoughts.

    Thank you.


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