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    G750jw upgrades/compatibility (ram, gpu, ssd)

    I just purchased a g750jw
    8gigs ram
    i7 4700
    gtx 765
    im sure you know the rest

    I have been trying to find parts that I can add to it. I will be adding an ssd for my boot loader but was also wondering if I can get some suggestions as to what kind of ssd to add, Samsung evo, kingston, etc. and would it be beneficial for me to install 2 ssd's would a couple 500gbs be worth it is is it better to go with the ssd+hdd combo?

    I was looking for some sort of gpu compatibility as well, I have found some of the gtx 880's on ebay from the other asus 750 models would I be able to put one in my JW, and is the 880 as high as i can go, or if i purchased a 980 would it work in my laptop. I know it sounds like a lot but i cant afford to flat out purchase a new laptop at the moment, I just want to slowly put parts in the current one and keep it as updated as I can at little cost.

    As far as memory goes, would it be best to get the same memory that is in it currently. or can I get other brands and mix them into it. I am not sure what is in it at the moment, but I would like to fill the 2 remaining slots and push it to at least 16gigs. personally i feel like 2 more of the same ram models would be best but if i can get some corsair or something that would be ok as well if there wouldnt be any compatibility issue between the 2 different brands.

    any info would be great thanks a lot

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    I would also like to know If i can install a 860m or even 980m card in my G750JW and will it work? What other steps would we have to take?

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    I put a Crucial MX100 on mine for SSD. I have some sensitive data so I was going for the one with the best safety mechanisms. I hear the Samsung EVO is a bit faster, but it doesn't have the extra layers of file protection. My secondary drive is an SSD+HDD combo drive.
    In terms of RAM, I work (several scientific softwares for research open) and game (LoL, Titanfall, Wolfenstein: NO, Evil Within) on mine with 8 GB, while leaving software open. I have never reached full usage (no need to update for me).
    You won't be able to install the new GPU, unless you have the knowledge and tools for soldering it to the Mobo (pain in the arse if you ask me... you can burn the mobo too).

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    code9523 PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)ASUS G750JH 3D Custom!
    MotherboardG750JW Motherboard REV 2.0 PCB Made in China)))
    ProcessorIntel Core i7 4700HQ
    Memory (part number)4x8GB DDR3 1600MHz HMT41GS6AFR8A-PB
    Graphics Card #1NVidia GTX780M with G750JZ Copper Heatsink
    Sound CardRealtek Hig Definition Audio
    MonitorSamsung LTN173HT02 [17.3" 120Hz 3D LCD]
    Storage #1120GB (OS) 240GB (Games) Kingston HyperX Fury SSD's
    Storage #2750GB WD Black (7200 RPM)
    CPU CoolerStock G750JH cooler
    CaseStock G750JH
    Power Supply230W (ADP-230EB)
    Keyboard Mod G750JZ
    Mouse ASUS ROG Gladius
    Mouse Pad CYBORG G.L.I.D.E.7
    Headset/Speakers SVEN =)
    OS Windows 10 Home x64
    Network RouterZTE
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    Quote Originally Posted by superman2k2 View Post
    I would also like to know If i can install a 860m or even 980m card in my G750JW and will it work? What other steps would we have to take?
    You can feet only a gpu from a low profile laptop because of heatsink size. The GTX770m will feet fine but you will need to reflash your bios thro afudos with bios from g750jx because your gpu will be not recognized by your laptop. Cpu is soldered to motherboard and no way to swap it. Ram should be 1.35 Volts ONLY! Ssd is four your choice every will feet.
    Asus G74SX> Asus G55VW 3D> Asus G75VW 3D> Asus G750JW> Asus G750JX> Asus G750JH

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