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    Extremely upset with asus!

    Guys...I bought an Asus Gaming Laptop (G750JW) about a year ago, just recently the screen started getting red pixels all over the screen especially in black areas, it's clearly defective because i've plugged the hdmi output to a regular monitor and the problem disappeared, this is a defective screen!

    I called up ASUS support, they set me up with an RMA, so i went out, bought a box, high quality bubble wrap for careful packaging and paid for shipping to the repair center...

    So i get the laptop back after two weeks, and the problem hasn't been fixed, at all! So i call them up right away, trying to keep my cool I explain to them what the problem is and how I shouldn't have to pay for another shipping to them, they set me up with an "express" RMA, so they paid for everything this time.
    Now this is what gets me upset, I specifically told the ASUS rep that it needs to be checked to make sure the issue is fixed before it's sent back to me, she said "our asus technicians always make sure it's checked before sending back", I indicated that it was clearly not the case the first time! So this time I even went to measures of telling the rep to put notes saying to "CHECK BEFORE SENDING!" and another two weeks later...Laptop shows up at the door.

    Just guess....just guess what the issue is again.

    Yup, laptop still isn't fixed. So about a month of wasted time, Wasted money on shipping and packaging, and wasted time making a decent calm effort to ensure it's checked before sending it back and it still isn't fixed.

    What do I even do at this point!?

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